Being precise when his love for photography turned pro is hard to tell, but he was always fascinated by transforming an ongoing 4 dimensional real world into fixed, flat, 2 dimensions of a printed photograph, weather catching a decisive moment in sports or an expression in a person that brings out his or hers personality best.

He started discovering photography more seriously during his studies of Architecture at Ljubljana University by becoming staff photographer for national Sports Magazine Ekipa in 1992. Desire for quality led him to switch to motorsports magazine Grand Prix Magazine in 1995, where he was offered an Editor of Photography position. The job lasted for 7 years not only putting him in contact with action packed world of Formula 1,  Rallying, Motorbike racing, etc on one hand but also giving him a possibility to work in one-on-one portrait sessions with top athletes. In 2001 came an offer he could not refuse, becoming the Editor of Photography for Playboy magazine (Slovenia). A difference of opinions made him leave the position and turn freelance in 2003, while continuing photographing portraits for Playboy interviews and other magazines,  he kept  working in Formula 1 racing and doing work for different agencies and commercial clients like Akrapovič, Inotherm, BMW, Gauloises, Alpina BMW, Red Bull, Volkswagen, Toyota, both locally and internationally. 

Expecting an “obvious answer” people keep asking him the question weather he prefers shooting a naked girl for Playboy or a Formula 1 car in action? His answer is “it is not about what or who you shoot, it is all about the Photo you make!”
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